What's new in VAOS 6? The differences from VA 5

VAOS 6.3

New Functionality

  • VAOS is completely open source; if you find bugs we are allowed to fix them.
  • Printing (messages, addressbook)
  • Editor GUI: Followup-to handling
  • Editor GUI: X-No-Archive support
  • Message display: ability to format Header and Message Body differently
  • Message display: better display of HTML messages
  • Message display: style sheet support
  • Message display: multiline URL continuation (possible continuation lines are marked with an arrow indicator and can be clicked separately)
  • Message display: "native" support for UTF-8 and many other character-sets
  • Message display: X toggles to View Source
  • Message display: display png images
  • Window positions: Can store multiple sets in each user.ini (for different screen sizes, etc)
  • Message display: T toggles Text/HTML part of message (6.3) (off by default)
  • Message display: Z toggles to new MIME viewer (6.3) (on by default)
  • Message display: TopBar on top of the message (will not scroll away) with Infobox and the "typical" short header information (6.3)
  • Message display: Default Character-Set option (unused in 6.3, will come back later)
  • SHIFT+F10 accelerator gives context menu
  • "Fetch Full Message" and "Mark Message As" on threads pane context menu
  • service-level custom headers for news services in user.ini
  • allow address book abbreviations to be expanded as two parts (e.g. "m g" or "g,m" for "Mike Goodey" or "Goodey, Mike")
  • Feedservice: external support for fetching and aggregating RSS Feeds (RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom) (6.2) (Requires external Feedservice add-on - see VAOS Feedservice)
  • Feedservice: import of RSS Feed messages from Feedservice to new service Feeds (6.2)
  • Spellchecker: Bindings for GNU ASpell, new options (ignore acronyms, URLs; omit attribution and/or signature from check) (6.3) (Requires GNU ASpell)
  • Spellchecker: Options (language, etc.) can be set per-folder in user.ini (6.3)
  • Menu/Toolbar commands to toggle 'Portraits' window (6.3)

New ini options

Please look here for a table of new ini options


  • file attachment dialog allows for longer filenames (wider, scrolls horizontally)

Bug Fixes

  • numerous fixes char → unsigned char
  • numerous buffer overflow fixes
  • Editor: greyed out MIME option for attachments to newsgroups
  • correction to ini file writing to strip trailing spaces
  • don't add drive letters to paths in ashmount.ini anymore
  • fixed some scrollbar behavior in threads pane
  • some fixes to base64 handling
  • made auto-indent, overwrite mode and wordback deletion work again (message editor)
  • comms dialog doesn't loop anymore when only one service
  • fixed crash when importing in chronological read order
  • corrected handling of %USERNAME%, %DATE% and %MESSAGEID% in attributions in CIX messages
  • large attachments send without getting corrupted
  • SMTP comms ports displayed with correct sense (client=outgoing, server=incoming) in VA32. Dialog made clearer.
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