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Please help us to imrove this documentation! If you want to edit, you will need to register (click the login button at the bottom of the page). You will get the password by email, so make sure you enter a correct address. At the moment it's not possible to change that password. This functionality seems to be going in the next version of Dokuwiki.

Here's Dokuwiki documentation. Most important formatting commands are available on the Edit page with buttons. Most important what's missing: an empty new line will create a paragraph, a "\\ " sequence will create a linebreak. A wiki syntax help will be available on the Edit page, too. However, I suggest you read it now!

If you feel lost use the breadcrumbs trail on top ("Trace").

Some of the pages of the manual are quite long, so be patient while they load.

If you want to know about changes subscribe to the RSS feed.

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