Normally you will configure this file once when starting and then never again.


testing = 1

0 = do not test, run in normal mode

debuglevel = 3

debug output levels (0 = no output, 3 = output all levels < 3)
there are currently 6 levels, so 7 is the highest at the moment
3 is a good default to keep it on all the time

[VA Setup]

vamessagepath = "P:\VirtualAccess"

where VA resides
don't forget the trailing backslash!
needs a drive letter!

vaservice = "Feeds"

name of the service/folder for the feeds service

overwrite_importdat = 1

overwrite import.feeds.dat, this should always be on.
if it is not on, new articles cannot be imported and are skipped
at least for now, there's no necessity to *add* to this file

auto_import = 1

1 = automatically run import after Feeder has run
should be normally set to 1
automatically off when testing
Note: if you have a split setup with different exe and message paths
the Feeder may work for you, but you have to run import manually!


only_new_articles = 1

only fetch articles that are detected as new
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