Version 0.93 20.03.2008

Fixed an issue where the URL link to the article would be missing in feeds where inline-content gets used for the article.

Adapted some feed configuration options to the current output of these feeds.

Version 0.92 27.06.2007

Added new value order to option version_date in feeds.ini. This behaves like the old version_date = "none". The "new" none uses now a hash comparison of the last 50 article headers to determine "newness". This copes with those feeds that announce no dates and are not reliably ordered (for instance the Microsoft KB article feeds). It should also cope with those feeds that announce dates but regularly reannounce articles as new that aren't new. But I didn't test with those.

Added new option use_inline_content to feeds.ini. If set to "1" will use content in the feed definition file itself. This works only if fetch_links = 0. Using this option makes only sense if the feed provides well-formatteded content in the content or description tags. You can enable [Feed VAOS Releases] now and use this option.

Updated feeds.ini and feeds.examples.ini to reflect the changes.

Removed text part from messages as it only wastes space. This means articles will always display in HTML even if "avoid HTML" is selected in the viewer, no need to change that anymore.

Added internal links to actions.information, so that new articles can be viewed with a mouse click.

Version 0.91 14.05.2007

Initial Release

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