What are the VA terminal files for?

Among the VA files are three programs called:


These are not used by VA to access normal internet mail or news services, but are used to access services like CIX whose interface is designed to be driven using a terminal or a PC running a terminal emulator program. VA can connect to such services directly using a modem, or using telnet over the internet, and can download messages and store them in the messagebase for reading off-line.

It used to be the case that CIX and Compuserve were handled in this way, as were other services such as BIX, but as the internet has grown in popularity these services have declined. Bix has closed, Compuserve no longer provides terminal access to its forums, and only CIX remains of the services that VA can use.

To access any terminal service VAOS launches a helper application called "Term32.exe" and passes it the name of the service (say: "CIX"). Term32.exe looks in its .ini file for the name of a specific terminal program that can handle the commands used by that service and runs it to do the work. For CIX that specific terminal program is "TermCIX.exe".

"TermSet.exe" is simply a little helper program that is used to create the .ini file used by "Term32.exe". It allows the user to specify a terminal program for CIS (Compuserve) - which is no longer relevant as CIS has stopped offering any services accessible with a terminal - and for CIX.

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