What files and file types does VA use?


VA occupies a single application directory and also a messagebase directory that will have a number of subdirectories. The application directory and the messebase directory may be the same directory or they may be different directories. The case in which two separate directories are used is called a "split install".

Application Directory

The Application Directory contains the VA programs and some fixed supporting files that should not need to be written to by users.

The VA programs and libraries are:

File Use
va32.exe The main Virtual Access program.
vaschd32.exe The VA scheduler program.
import32.exe The helper program that imports new messages into the VA MessageBase.
inet32.exe The helper program that handles internet communications.
sendtova.exe The helper program that invokes VA as a mail client from the Windows Exlorer "Send To" menu.
sendtolo.exe The helper program that sends a file to the VA "Local" service from the Windows Exlorer "Send To" menu.
dumprules.exe The utility that dumps the VA rules database in a readable format, or allows it to be saved as an XML document
NetWiz.exe The internet service wizard, invoked by File, New, Service in VA
ComWiz.exe The CIX service wizard
Term32.exe The VA Terminal program interface
TermSet.exe The VA Terminal Configuration program
TermCix.exe The VA Terminal program for CIX
Shortcuts.exe An installer script to create user-specific VA icons in a multi-user system
addons32.dll A helper DLL used by va32 and sendtova.
intdlg32.dll A helper DLL used by va32, import32, inet32, and dumprules.
vasp_asp.dll A wrapper DLL used by va32 to interface to GNU ASpell
VCLHtml.dll The HTML viewer component.

Some configuration files are also held here:

File Use
ashmount.ini Main configuration file. If the Application and Messagebase directories are the same then this contains all the global configuration data for the VA installation. If the Application directory is separate from the messagebase directory then the ashmount.ini file in the Application Directory serves only to identify the Messagebase Directory
Term32.ini Configuration for Term32.exe, editied by TermSet.exe
TermCIX.ini Configuration for TermCIX.exe

The Applications Directory also holds the VA help files

File Use
va32.hlp Main help file for VA
va32.cnt Table of contents file for va32.hlp
Rdmap.hlp Overview "roadmap" help file
Rdmap.cnt Table of contents file for Rdmap.hlp

Some text files are also installed to the Applications Directory

File Use
Changes.txt List of changes since previous release
Credit.txt Developer credits
License.txt The VA licence
Readme.txt The VA readme file for the current release
tips.txt Text for the "Tip of the Day" dialog

The Applications Directory is also the location of the internet shortcuts created by the installer. Note that the .url file extension of these shortcut files is not normally displayed by Windows Explorer:

File Use
VirtualAccess.url Link to Virtual Access Foundation homepage
VirtualAccessWiki.url Link to VAOS TikiWiki homepage
VirtualAccessDokuWiki.url Link to VAOS DokuWiki homepage
Messagebase Directory

The messagebase directory contains the messagebase and all mutable configuration files.

Every VA service has its own subdirectory, and there are further subdirectories that contain messagebase state and configuration.

The subdirectories used are

Directory Use
Backup Connection and log files for the past few connections.
Download Default location for attachments decoded from incoming messages
Temp A subdirectory for each service. Within each subdirectory are kept the import files for the past few imports
va.viewer Formatting files and style sheets for displaying incoming messages.
<service> Message and inded files for all folders of the service
<user>.ui State information. Records which messages are unread for each user

The files in the root of the messagebase directory are

File Use
acronyms.lst Acronyms file
address Global address book
ashmount.ini Main VA configuration file.
autocorr.tlx VA Autocorrect dictionary.
conditns.dbf Conditions database for message rules
conditns.ndx Conditions database index for message rules
conf.pru Prune options settings
conf.ww Holds global information about messagebase folders
confnew.ww temporary copy of conf.ww
conf.bak Backup copy of conf.ww
rules.dbf Rules database for message rules
rules.ndx Rules database index for message rules
rules.rck Lock file for Rules database
<user>.adr Per-user personal addressbook file
<user>.frm Per-user list of custom "From" addresses.
<user>.ini Main per-user configuration file for each user.
<user>.not Per-user notes file. Data for Edit, Notes command.
<user>.odr Per-user view order preference, set by Tools, Options, Read order.
<user>.ulk ???
<usr>.usr Holds per-user information about messagebase folders
<service>.bsc Outbox file for <service>
*.bmk Saved bookmark set
*.kbd VA Macro file. There may also be a *.bmp with the same name.

Obsolete files

File Use
*.tlx (but not autocorr.tlx) Main dictionary files from the VA5 spellchecker
*.clx Additional dictionary files from the VA5 spellchecker
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