Does VA run on 64-bit Windows?

Both VA 5 and VA 6 are 32-bit applications. As such, they should run correctly on all 64-bit Windows systems. However, the comwiz.exe and netwiz.exe support programs from VA 5 are 16-bit applications, and these are not supported on 64-bit Windows. This means that you cannot use those applications to set up new services and communications settings on a 64-bit Windows machine. The equivalent applications supplied with VA 6 are 32-bit applications, and these can be used on 64-bit Windows. If you want to run VA 5 on 64-bit Windows you can use the comwiz and netwiz applications from VA6.

On "Windows for x64" – that is: 64-bit Windows running on an AMD 64-bit CPU or an intel CPU with EMT64 instructions – VA will run natively at full speed. This has been tested on both Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.

On "Windows XP 64-bit Edition" – that is: Windows XP for intel's Itanium 64-bit CPU – VA should run under emulation using Microsoft's WOW64 compatibility layer, which means that it will run much more slowly than it will under Windows for x64. It is not known whether this has ever been tried, however.

If you're not sure which version of 64-bit Windows you have, you almost certainly have the AMD/EMT64 version – see the Wikipedia articles on Windows for x64 and Windows 64-bit Edition for clarification. Note that there is no version of Vista for Itanium.

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