What versions of VA are available?

VA 5.51

This is the old commercial/shareware version of VA. You can still download this and use it, but it is no longer being developed. The download can be used for 45 days in demo mode, after which it requires registration and licensing or it will start to download and display banner advertisements when it is used. I don't know whether the advert server is still available (or what VA will do if it can't get its adverts), nor whether it is still possible to obtain licences.

VA 6

This is the free Open Source version of VA, also known as VAOS (Virtual Access Open Source). It is being maintained and developed by volunteers, and is available for download without payment of any licence fee or royalty. VA 6 does not yet have all the functionality of VA 5 as some components of VA 5 were implemented using closed-source commercial code and libraries, and these have had to be replaced with new code or with Open Source libraries. VA 6 does contain a number of new features that are not in VA 5, however, and a number of bugs have been fixed.

See What's new in VAOS 6? The differences from VA 5 for the feature list of the latest release(s)

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