What's this VCLHtml.dll file? Do I need that?

VCLHtml.dll is a library that contains the code that VA uses to display HTML messages. You need to have this library so that VA can display HTML messages on the screen. In fact, as VA uses HTML formatting to display colours, etc, in plain test messages you need it to display those as well.

However, you don't need to download VCLHtml.dll separately from VA, as every VA download contains the correct version of VCLHtml.dll for that version of VA. It may happen that a newer version of VCLHtml.dll is released that fixes some propblem with VA, or that offers some new display enhancement, but read the release notes carefully before downloading any new version to make sure that it is compatible with your version of VA – if in doubt: back up your old VCLHtml.dll first.

The VCLHtml.dll downloads in the "Bleeding Edge" section of the file gallery on the TikiWiki are for developers only, and are intended to work with versions of VA that have not yet been released. Don't download any of these unless you build your own VA executables from the sourcecode on CVS.

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