Why do I get this "signature prompt"?

Microsoft introduced this signature prompt with IE7 and Vista. When an application is run from a networked drive Windows checks if the executable got signed with a code-signing certificate. This allegedly increases security. If the application is not signed or is not run from a trusted network location you will get this prompt.

What is a trusted location? Well, your local Intranet should be a trusted location, but due to a bug in the IE7 default configuration it isn't.

How to solve the problem

Go to the Internet Options, Security tab, click "Local Intranet", click on the "Sites" button and uncheck the first option "Automatically detect intranet network". The other three options (that are not grey anymore now) should be checked! This fixes the signature prompt when you run VA from a mapped network drive.

While you are there I also recommend adding the machines in your network one-by-one to the intranet sites. Click the "Advanced" button on the local intranet dialog and uncheck the "Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone". Then add your machines like this: "file://shorthostname". This fixes the signature prompt when you run an executable from a substed network drive. It also fixes similar behavior when you want to run Access databases, open zip files and other stuff on a network drive. That's why I recommend to do it as well, it's not necessary for skipping the the signature prompted for a mapped network drive (which most people will likely use)!

Now "OK" your way back and the signature prompt should be gone.

(Further explanation: the "Automatically detect intranet network" works only in a Windows domain setting with Active Directory.)

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