I think I found a bug! What should I do?

Don't Panic! VAOS is a large and complex piece of software ... it works pretty well, but the developers are only human and it's not inconceivable there may be errors.

It's also possible that in the ever-changing world of internet communications you may have received a message sent in a new way of a new format that VAOS can't yet handle. If that happens we'd like to know about it.

Discuss the Problem

If you think you have found a bug the first thing you should do is to discuss it with other users and with the developers.

The easiest way to do that is to subscribe to the VAOS news service at news.virtual-access.org and post a message in the vaos.current.bugs group. Details on how to subscribe to subscribe can be found Here (note the username and password details).

Alternatively, if you are a CIX user you can also join the Virtual.Access conference and post in the Support topic, but be aware that most of the other users and developers don't have access to CIX, so response there may be slower.

You should get a response there within a day or two – maybe less, but we can't monitor it all the time – either asking you for more details of the suspected bug and the steps needed to reproduce it, or if it is a known problem advising you of a workaround.

You can also look on the bugtracker site (see below) to see whether anyone else has reported your problem. You don't need to register on the site just to look.

Report a Bug

If it seems that you have really discovered something that doesn't work as it should we may ask you to file a bug report on the VAOS bugtracker website Here.

The bugtracker uses a free software package called "FlySpray" (so you'll sometimes hear us refer to it as "the flyspray site"). You will have to register on the site so that we can tell who reported the bug, and can notify you of any progress.

Registering is quite simple – just fill in some details and the site will EMail you to confirm your registration and give you a password. Once you have that confirmation you can log into the site and report the bug.

If you upload files (other than images) to support your report please place them all together in a zip archive 1). This way they take up less space on the server, and are kept together. Images need not be zipped, as doing so will prevent them from being displayed in the bugtracker itself.

1) you can use WinZip or a free tool like 7Zip to prepare the archive
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