You can now create a file with a list of addresses and salutations that can be merged into one mail message template. A separate mail message is generated for each name in the list. This means you don't have to worry about the CIS 50 person limit.

However, there is a limit on the size of a BSC file (50K ??), so if you're planning on mailing thousands a long message, you might one to use several files. If you pass the limit on the BSC file, VA will perform as many actions as it can and leave the rest in the outbasket.

Create the file with names

First create a text file with the names and salutations in the following form:

Miguel A. Urech <>,Miguel
Peter Clapham <>,Pete

Store the file anywhere you want with .CSV as the extension.

Note: Up to 10 parameters can be entered on each line, separated by a comma.

Create the mail message

Start a mail message and enter in the To line "%1%" (use the quotes to make sure there are no problems with spaces in names), enter a subject line and put the following as the message body:

Dear %2%,

< Text of the Message >

Note: you can reference up to 10 parameters using the %<number>% reference.

Do the Merge

Go to the Options button in the message editor. Select the Mail Merge and point to the file you created. Then OK the dialog and the editor window. All the messages now appear in the Outbasket.

(Courtesy of Clifford Kay, thanks.)

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