What happened to all my Mail Rules?

There is a bug in all current versions of VA, both VA5 and VA6, that very occasionally leads to the VA mail rule files being reset – effectively deleting all the rules. This doesn't happen very often, and may never happen to you at all, and is being investigated ... but for the time being it is a problem.

To get your rules back you need to restore four files from a backup. Those four files are:


Until this problem is fixed, it is recommended that you back up those four files after making any significant changes to your rules – just in case.

We strongly believe that this problem is created by a file lock clash. At the time we want to access the rules we can't. In such a case VA creates a new rules database as it thinks there is none. We think the typical offender could be your anti-virus software. It's good practice to not allow any security software to scan any of VA's message and helper files. To be protected you only have to allow your virusscanner to scan the attachments in VA's decoding directory at access time. You should not let your virusscanner permanently overview any other parts of VA. There is no need to scrutenize the incoming mail flow or the message folders or the rules database and other VA internal data. VA's functionality relies heavily on a lot of file processing and allowing your virusscanner to intercept and check every such access can lead to slowness and data corruption.

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