How do I install VA?

That depends on what you've downloaded.

Full VAOS releases are now always provided as installer programs. If you have one of these you can just run the installer and it will be able to make a new VAOS installation or upgrade an existing VA or VAOS installation. The installer will ask you where you would like to install VAOS, and will automatically upgrade if you specify a directory containing an existing installation.

Older VAOS releases were provided as Zip archives of files to be copies over an existing installation. If you have downloaded one of these, you can only use this to upgrade an existing VA installation. Current versions can upgrade either a VA 5 installation or an older VA 6 (VAOS) installation (this may not always remain the case). You should unpack the ZipFile into a temporary directory, and then copy the new files from there to the VA installation directory. One or more batch files will be provided to help you accomplish this. The ZipFile will contain further instructions in the form of a readme.txt file.

It is possible that from time to time development versions of part of VAOS may be made available for testing or as quick-fix patches. These will probably be in the form of Zip archives, and will come with their own instructions.

NOTE: Upgrading an existing VA installation should be a smooth, problem-free, process and should lead to a working installation of the latest version. We do recommend, though, that you back up the installation before beginning the upgrade, in case of any unforeseen problems.

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