Where can I download VA?

The old commercial/shareware version, VA 5.51, is available from the VAOS website (and from several other places on the web). The download is a full installation program that you can run to get a full working VA 5 setup, including the commercial closed-source components.

All official releases of the Open Source version, VAOS 6 are available from the Virtual Access project site at SourceForge.

Previous versions of VA6 (prior to VAOS 6.3) and also from the file gallery page at the VAOS TikiWiki. VAOS 6.3 is not (yet) available there as the file size slightly exceeds the 5MB limit for the site.

VAOS 6.3 is currently only available in the form of an executable installer that can be used to upgrade an existing VA installation, or as installer packages that can be used either to upgrade an existing installation or to create a completely new setup.

Earlier VAOS builds may be downloaded either as executable installers or as ZipFiles containing sets of executable programs that can only be used to upgrade existing installations. The first VAOS versions were available only in ZipFile format, recent releases have generally been made available in both formats – however some 'unofficial' builds intended mainly for testing have been made available on the Wiki in the ZipFile format only.

If you are a new user you probably want the most recent installer version from SourceForge, if you are an existing user wanting the latest features you may prefer the latest ZipFile version from the Wiki.

It is, of course, also possible to download the VAOS sourcecode from the Sourceforge Git repository and build it yourself. See the Devloper pages for more information.

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