Release Notes for VAOS 6.3 Build 6 (VAOS

This is a bugfix/maintenance release. It is a minor release following


This version can be downloaded from HERE on the VAOS project pages on SourceForge.

The files there are:

changes.txt The relevant sections from the CVS changelog files
readme.txt Brief description and instructions
VA_Setup_6_3_0_6.exe The installer package

The only file you need to download to install VAOS is the installer package. This can be used to create a new VAOS 6.3 installation or to update an existing VA5 or VA6 installation to version

Summary of Main Changes

  • Serious bug fixed (FS#70).
  • "Short menus" option removed.
  • Made MIME encoding the default for attachments on IMAP mail services.
  • Added attchment type checkbox to comms setup for IMAP services.
  • VA now recognizes Windows 8.1 correctly.
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