Release Notes for VAOS 6.3 Build 4 (VAOS

This is a bugfix/maintenance release. It is the first official release since


This version can be downloaded from on the VAOS project on SourceForge.

The files there are:

changes.txt The relevant sections from the CVS changelog files
readme.txt Brief description and instructions
VA_Setup_6_3_0_4 The installer package Sourcecode snapshot for this release

The only file you need to download to install VAOS is the installer package. This can be used to create a new VAOS 6.3 installation or to update an existing VA5 or VA6 installation to version

The sourcecode snapshot is provided for those who want to build VAOS for themselves, and who don't want to struggle with SourceForge's anonymous CVS access (which can be rather slow at busy times). It's also provided because VAOS is, after all, an Open Source project.

Summary of Main Changes

The changes since version 6.3 build 1 are listed here, by component.

Note that the FS#nn IDs refer to entries in the VAOS bug tracker.

Main Program: va32.exe
  • Ensure outbasket is saved (or not, as requested) if it is open when VA is closed (FS#20).
  • Fixed bug whereby URLs containing colons were not recognized (FS#21).
  • Corrected logic in "send to folder" handling to remove unintended confirmation dialog (FS#27).
  • ESCape key now works (as "Close") in spellchecker dialog (FS#28).
  • Improved handling of hyperlinks in CIX messages (FS#29).
  • Fixed bug whereby a user's overwrite preference was ignored when saving attachments (FS#30).
  • Fixed bug whereby VA attempted to collect news for a new service when no news server had been configured (FS#31).
  • Corrected bug in spellchecker led to the word following a misspelt word not being checked (FS#34).
  • Corrected bug in self-registration code so that new users are recognized in "Network Names" mode (FS#38).
  • Corrected timing code in macro replay for more consistent playback (FS#40). (Note: Macro functionality does not currently work in Vista or Windows 7 with UAC enabled).
  • Added code to handle double-click on entry in "send to any folder" dialog (FS#41).
  • Fixed bug handling text/enriched content type (FS#48).
  • Fixed bug handling long lines of base-64 encoded data (FS#50).
  • Fixed pathnames that were missing their terminal backslash in ashmount.ini (FS#54).
  • Fixed bug that led to some characters being cropped from the start of a message (FS#55).
  • Fixed bug in which EMail addresses containing certain characters were not displayed as links (FS#56).
  • Fixes for display of CIX messages.
  • Fixed bug whereby EMail addresses with short domain names were not displyed as links.
  • Improved the display of /italic/ message styles in plain text messages.
  • Added decoding of attachments with content-disposition "inline".
  • Corrected handling of whitespace lines in message headers.
  • Corrected a bug whereby VA could be confused by an attachment filename containing more than one dot.

Also various bugfixes and enhancements to improve performance and stability

Message rules support : intdlg32.dll
  • Fixed bug that resulted in cropped display of a rule name after the Message Rules dialog after the rule name had been changed (FS#57)
CIX Comms Module : Term32.exe
  • Fixed some CIX connectivity issues (FS#24)
Internet Service Setup Wizard : NetWiz.exe
  • Added final backslashes to paths in ishmount.ini for new service (FS#54)
  • Don't write dummy news server name for new service with news not configured (FS#31)
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