Release Notes for VAOS 6.3 Build 1

This version can be downloaded from the VAOS project page on SourceForge. There is one downloadable file, an executable installer program. This can be used to create a new VAOS 6.3 installation or to update an existing VA5 or VA6 installation to version 6.3.

The readme.txt file for this release can be seen here.

Version 6.3 replaces the last full - release version 6.0 Build 20 - and also the interim test release 6.1 Build 1.

The major changes since version 6.0 build 20 are:

  • Support for printing.
  • Support for spellchecking 1).
  • Better display of HTML messages.
  • Better handling of non-Latin character sets in display.
  • The use of style sheets to control the format of the message view pane.
  • Added support for Followup-to and X-No-Archive headers in editor for news messages.
  • 'TopBar' display of to, from, subject fields at top of message pane.
  • Installer support for split installs (VA programs and messagebase in different directories).
  • All executables now have manifests for Vista compatibility.

There are also numerous bugfixes, including:

  • Fix for error whereby folder names including numbers and spaces were displayed in the wrong order (note: may require a messagebase rebuild).
  • Fixes custom header handling.
  • Improvements to multiline URL display handling.
  • Correction of SMTP port handling in comms setup.
  • Fix corruption of editor font settings by Tools | Options.
  • Fixed bug in OS version code (for signature %OS% macro) and recognize Vista.
  • Numerous potential buffer overflows fixed.
1) requires GNU ASpell
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