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VAOS File Formats

Some documentation reverse-engineered from code and actual messagebase data.

Messagebase Files

The messagebase consists of a top-level subdirectory within the VA data directory for each service. In these directories there is a subdirectory for each top-level VA folder, and within these there are four files with the same names but different extensions to describe each lower-level folder. The filenames are taken from the folder names, if necessary truncated to 8 characters and with any spaces or special characters replaced by underscores.

Example: If a user has a NET service, and is subscribed to the comp.lang.c++.moderated newsgroup he will have a top-level VA directory called "Net", within which there will be a directory called "Comp" which will contain four files named lang_c_,, lang_c_.idx, and lang_c_.thr.

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