Tips when using VS 2005

Adding embedded manifest to va32.exe

  1. open Va32 project properties
  2. go to Configuration Properties, Manifest Tool, Input and Output
  3. add the name "va32.exe.manifest" in "Additional Manifest files"
  4. ok
  5. rebuild project

Do it similarly for the other programs (and for the dlls?).

Note, that each manifest file contains unique names, we have to change these for the other manifest files.

The current one on CVS is just there to prove it works.

The embeded manifest disables virtualization on Vista and enables the use of more modern GUI elements on XP and Vista (the external manifest somehow doesn't work on Vista).

Preprocessor flags

The following flags are available for compiling different versions of the code.

  • SHOW_CONNECT_SCRIPTS (stops VA so one can grab the created reply.ebs before inet32 picks and deletes it)
  • VAESP (spell checker)
  • NMB_TIMER (times each NMB generated message and shows the result at the bottom of it)
  • NO_SHORTHEADERS (H switches from no headers directly to fullheaders and vice versa)
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