The Message ID File

The message ID file is a text file in two parts. It has Windows-style line ends (CR+LF).

The first part of the file is a list of messages. Each line describes one message giving the message ID first and the VA message number second.

Examples are:

<%v81k.2472$> 28246
<> 27475
<> 27958
<> 27352
<0006a5ad$0$2429$> 28191
<> 27756

The second part of the file is a list of threads. Each line describes a single thread giving the subject of the thread in square brackets first and the VA message number of the most recent message in the thread second.

Examples are:

[Fault finding] 27783
[Fitting a vga cooler] 27961
[GeForce 8800 GTS with Blu-Ray drive?] 27598
[Getting my new PC 'networked' with the old?] 27887

There is no separator between the two parts. The start of part 2 can be identified by the first line starting with an open square bracket character.

The file ends with a blank line.

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