User Conference Files

The user conference files hold per-user information about the folders of the messagebase.

VA can read Version 2.00 and Version 5.00 files, but always writes a Version 5.00 file. The formats are similar but not identical.

  • Version (NUL-terminated string of up to 20 characters) "Version5.00".
  • Username (NUL-terminated string of up to 20 characters) The mangled VA username of this user.
  • Password (NUL-terminated string of up to 20 characters) The mangled VA password for this user.
  • nuc (32-bit integer) The number of user conferences.
  • A sequence of V5 for Version5.00 (V4 for Version2.00) Conference structures, as for conf.ww.

Note that the username and password are both "mangled" to prevent casual inspection but are not securely encrypted.

When a user logs in to VA the conf.ww and <user>.usr files are both opened and the messagenumbers and flags merged to obtain the current user's view of the messagebase with updated message pointers.

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