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The Conference File

The conference file is conf.ww in the main VA installation directory.

VA can read a V5 (VA 5.0 and later) or a V4 (VA 4.0) format conf.ww file, but always writes a V5 file. The differences are slight.

The conference structures in the file are read into memory and used as local storage by VA; some fields in the file seem to exist just as working space and have no meaning when stored.

The structure is as follows, V4/V5 differences indicated in bold:

  • Msgno (32-bit integer) "Sequence number for local messages". Always zero (?).
  • snuc (16-bit integer) The number of conference in V4. In V5 has the value -1.
  • nuc (32-bit integer) V5 Only Number of conferences.
  • A sequence of Conference structures, each containing:
    • Name (65 characters in V4, 101 characters in V5, NUL-terminated) The name of the conference, folder, or newsgroup.
    • Selected (1 byte) Used internally by VA.
    • Current (32-bit integer) The current message pointer.
    • File (32 characters) The message file name.
    • First (32-bit integer) The number of the first massage.
    • Last (32-bit integer) The number of the last massage.
    • Unread (32-bit integer) The number of unread messages for this user.
    • Olast (32-bit integer) The value of Last when unread was calculated.
    • Flags (32-bit integer) Various message flags.
    • Order (32-bit integer) Sequence number for reading unread.
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