How to Build VAOS

To build the full VAOS package from source you will need:

  1. The VAOS source from CVS
  2. For the main VAOS programs
  3. For the spellchecker support module for GNU Aspell
  4. For CIX communications and the new service wizards
    • The Delphi development system from CodeGear (formerly Borland)
    • The Indy Open Source TCP/IP library for Delphi
  5. For the executable installer
    • The NSIS installation system (for the setup program)

Once you have the source code you will find two text files build_notes.txt and delphi_build_notes.txt in the root directory of the source tree that contain more information about building VA.

There are Visual Studio solution files and VC project files for all the C++ VAOS components, and Delphi project files for all the Delphi components.

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